About Your Shining Red Thread

Each one of us has a red thread that winds its way throughout our life, connecting dots that we often don’t realize are related. From our first impulses in childhood (building things, collecting bugs, dancing like nobody is watching), to our lifelong passions and even those long neglected joys we’ve buried in the back of our emotional closets –  the red thread traces these seemingly unrelated dots.  It links our quirky bits – giving reason to our rhymes, all the while mapping that one-of-a-kind dance we weave through life.


As we evolve from being kids to adults, this pattern emerges, revealing itself in our choices and the contributions we make to the world. Once we can recognize that this thread holds the key to our authentic self, we can begin to weave it with conscious intention.


Instead of acting randomly, our behaviors can become coherent and purposeful. This is when we step away from being victims of our fate and into a life where we knit vision and action together. Now we can begin creating our future selves. By honoring your red thread you are empowering realities to emerge that are in tune with the person you are intentionally becoming.


Working with my clients to develop their personal brand identities over the past 10 years, the concept of the red thread has become a metaphor I use to help them begin to connect the dots in their own lives.


Over time this concept has begun to take on a life of its own – developing into a core component of my consulting practice for creative entrepreneurs. Whether developing a brand identity, website or communication strategy, the red thread metaphor has helped make sense of their dots and build their enterprises with authenticity, intention and clarity.  Eventually my business model has evolved to encompass this concept in a more concrete form, and thus – Your Shining Red Thread was born.