14 Apr Everything you Want is on the Other Side of Fear

What are you afraid of?

What stops you from taking the steps you know you have to take to create the greatness you want in your life?

What feeds your procrasturbation?

You know. You know you know. When you pull back a way and look at your choices, your actions, your inactions – a pattern emerges.

What’s the fear that’s stopping you? Ah, yes – that one.

Now own it, thank it and move on.

Sometimes you just have to let go of certainty.  Go see what happens when you act as if you already are everything you wish to become.


Psst… hey – do you like these patterns? Kinda nice, huh. They’re part of a juicy collection of 168 Subtly Textured Patterns you can pick up here. You can use them for your own quotes or other graphic projects. Oh, and yeah, I made them too.

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